FoiFeuFou @ MuseumNightFever

La Foi en le Feu Fou revient, pour la deuxième fois, déambuler dans les projets extra-muros de MNF, en vous accompagnant dans la transition du voyage sur les navettes de l’événement. Pour cette édition, elle vous propose une série de performances, Pénélope: une distorsion temporelle tissant les liens que nous …

Stellar Swamp 2016

STELLAR SWAMP IS BACK FOR A SECOND EDITION! Psychedelic music festival happening in Brussels, initiated by local band Moaning Cities in collaboration with Magasin 4 and Atelier 210. It aims to gather the psychedelic/kraut/acid/shoegaze/garage/rock’n’roll/wall of sound whatever scene around the idea of mixing musical inspirations, blurring fences and shaking our …

Rock In Chair: Finger Lick

Ce dimanche j’ai eu l’occasion d’effectuer la photographie du tournage de l’émission Rock In Chair produite par l’association C’est Arrivé près de Bruxelles. Il s’agit d’une émission mettant en scène un groupe musicale interprétant des versions acoustiques de leurs morceaux devant un public installé dans le salon d’un appartement Bruxellois. …

Exhibition: MAD BIKE

The exhibition MAD BIKE celebrate bikes in all their forms. I’ve been invited to be part of the exhibition. A selection of cyclists portraits where displayed with other photographers works and a room was dedicated to my Bike Polo series.  

Noche Flamenca

Noche Flamenca, a flamenco show performed at the Espacio IntegraBel in Brussels by the Patricio Grande Flamenco Band.

Alleyklett 2014

These are the first minutes of an Alley Cat bike race in the streets of Brussels. It ends at the central point of the race, where the check points are going to be distributed as a lists of clues and riddles.

Fixing the Err 01 issue on a Canon EOS with lens adapter

This morning I’ve received a lens adapter I’ve ordered to mount my good ol’ Zuiko lenses on my Canon EOS body. Since I’m on a budget, I’ve bought the cheapest one. Those are usually made of low quality material and may have parts that need a bit of polish to …